1. 2018 Restoration Events

    The 2018 Oyster Reef Restoration Events have been announced – volunteers needed!  RSVP HERE and HERE

    Here is what to expect on Saturday, April 7th and Saturday May 5th from 8:30-11:30 at the Big Tree Unit of Goose Island State Park:

    1)      Registration Booth: There will be a sign-in table to collect the information of volunteers and to collect photo releases. A FREE t-shirt will be handed out at the sign in booth!

    2)      The Stations:

    • Station 1: Groups of 3 people will be creating bags out of mesh. They will roll out the mesh, measure it, cut it and tie it off. They will then hand the bag to the people at Station 2
    • Station 2: Groups of 2 people will be shoveling the oyster shells into the mesh bags. They will tie off the bag and hand to the people in Station 3
    • Station 3: Bags will be shuttled, using heavy-duty wagons, from Station 2 up to the staging area 
    • Station 4: A line will be formed so that the bags will be handed down to the water where the bags will be placed in the new reef site

    3)      Food Table: Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Water Street, and the Coastal Conservation Association are providing water and snacks for all volunteers!


    Who can Attend:  Anyone!  Restoration events are open to all ages but minors must have a parent or guardian in attendance

    What to Wear: Oyster shells can be very sharp! For this reason you MUST wear closed toed and backed shoes. Sneakers are best. Make sure you have a thick sole on the shoe. We are providing thick leather work gloves to protect your hands from any cuts. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!



  2. Oyster Recycling Program Celebrates A Million Pounds of Shells Collected

    The Sink Your Shucks program got together in August 2016 to celebrate its millionth-pound of oyster shell collected, as well as accept a generous donation for a replacement trailer from our sponsor Groomer’s Seafood.  We would like to give a huge thank-you to all of our sponsors who keep this program going!!   Click HERE to read more about this monumental event.

  3. Sink your Shucks selected as the Best Conservation Film

    Sink your Shucks selected as the Best Conservation Film

    2nd Annual Beneath the Waves Film Festival

    Click to watch the video now

  4. “Sink your Shucks” accepted to premier at film festival

    By Austin Gallagher

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    MIAMI — The film, “Sink your Shucks” has been selected by a panel of judges for exhibition at the 2011 Beneath the Waves Film Festival in Mobile, Alabama, from March 16-20, 2011. This year we received a great response from the research and marine filmaking community, with a total of 46 films submitted from 8 countries, competing for 20 spots at this year’s event. At Beneath the Waves, are interested in the story, background, and impact. As such we believe the 20 films we have selected cover a broad range of marine issues and subjects, originating from an even more diverse group of filmmakers, scientists, and conservationists. We are very excited for this year’s collection of films! There will be a panel of judges who judging for the following 3 awards:

    • Best Conservation Film
    • Best Student Entry
    • Best of Festival

    The 2nd Annual Beneath the Waves Film Festival will be held at the 40th Annual Benthic Ecology Meeting to be held in Mobile, Alabama on March 16-20, 2011 at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza and Battle House Hotel.